Mind Matters
Mental Performance Training

Meagan Ferguson, MHK MPC

What is Mental Performance Training?

Research supports how the dedicated practice of Mental Performance Training can positively influence an individual's ability to focus, regulate emotions, and perform under pressure.

Mental Performance Training provides practical, evidence-based strategies and tools to help foster positive behavioural change, optimal sport performance and personal well-being.

Specifically, Applied Sport and Exercise Psychology involves the integration of theory, research and applications to educate athletes, coaches and teams on the benefits of sport-focussed mental training.

The facilitation of these mental applications via one-on-one consultations or group workshops have become some of the most sought-after services for sport and performance professionals world-wide.

"I enjoyed her team sessions so much, I decided to meet with her one on one." -
Female Junior Hockey Player (PWHL)

What Do You Do?
How Does It Work?

Mental Performance Consultants are certified and extensively educated health professionals specializing in the facilitation and development of mental and emotional skills, attitudes, and processes that lead to performance enhancement and positive personal development.

Certified Mental Performance Consultants work with performance populations to assist in many of the following areas:

  • How to get in “the zone” for competition.

  • How to apply and benefit from visualization and mental imagery.

  • How to overcome mental blocks, distractions and setbacks.

  • How to refocus and perform more consistently under pressure.

  • How to build and foster a cohesive, mentally resilient team.

  • Much more!


Where is your focus directed before, during and after performing?
Can you refocus and reset under pressure?


What do you say/think to yourself before, during and after performing?
How does your self-talk change when under pressure?


Can you regulate your intensity and emotions under pressure?
How do you recover and recharge physically, mentally and emotionally?

The Mind Matters philosophy is strongly rooted in "hands-on experiential learning;" providing activities, exercises and discussions to further the knowledge and execution of
performance-specific mental skills:

Imagery, Visualization, Mental Rehearsal

Performance Planning, Goal Setting

Distraction Control

Self-Regulation, Stress Management

Team Cohesion

Leadership, Effective Communication

In a nutshell: Mind Matters focusses on the fundamentals while keeping the
FUN within the MENTAL.