Lorenzo Mauldin IV:  "It’s not everyday you see women being leaders and coaches in the football realm. Ferg, we appreciate you helping and bringing your expertise to the table for us this camp. Football requires a strong and stable mental capacity most people don’t see on TV. You came in and gave us a different perspective within the game and we thank you!"

Holland College Varsity Athletes

(Maddy Clapham Hockey,
Tyler Hobbs Football)

(Provincial u16 Basketball)

"Meagan did a wonderful job keeping our young athletes engaged and alert. The focus exercise was especially interesting, as it highlighted common distractions our players can encounter. The session illustrated how the skills can be used in all aspects of our children's lives.

Basketball Canada advocates mental preparation for the development of basketball skills. We intend to reinforce the practices Meagan taught during her workshop."

Holland College

“Meagan brings an excellent blend of experience and professional ability to our team.

She sees things from a student-athlete perspective and as a former Hurricanes dual-sport athlete she is keenly aware of the demands to balance sport with school and life. 

We have worked with Meagan in a variety of roles over the years so we know what she offers our squads and she is motivated to grow the program."

(Atlantic College Athletics)

"The first person I talk to after a drive. Having Meagan as our Mental Performance Consultant has been a tremendous asset for us this year. She has helped our team improve so much mentally. It (mental support) is such a need for athletes. I am so thankful to have had the experience with her."

"Ferg was one of my instructors for my two year college program. By far, the best teacher I have ever had. She always kept us (the students) engaged and excited with activities that could specifically apply to our sport and lifestyles. I was lucky to not only have her as a teacher, but a mental coach with our team. Thank you Ferg."

(College Football) 

"If it wasn't for Ferg, I likely wouldn't have made it through my final season of football. She has made the process of transitioning out of sport so much easier for me. I am thankful for the skills learned, and her consistent support."

Hockey / Soccer
(USport Athletes)

"My time with Ferg has been eye-opening. Not only has mental training helped me compete at the next level, it's allowed me to enjoy the work put in behind the scenes too. She has taught me skills I use daily in my sport, and in school." 

"I started working with Ferg to help with my game play. I didn't expect to see changes off the ice too. Her approach wasn't just effective, it was fun."


"Meagan captured our attention in a pre-season workshop. She highlighed the importance of staying committed and sharp during an unpredictable time (pandemic). Having her provide athletes with more tools to do so was extremely valuable."