Meagan is extremely knowledgeable of sport and exploring the mental component of competition.

It is evident that her past experience helps her connect with the participants in her workshops. The fact that

she plays hockey really helps the players relate to her.

She provides concrete examples of situations to help the participants understand concepts, and delivers hands-on activities to keep the participants engaged.

Hockey coach, female competitive junior

Meagan worked with me to identify what was impacting my game both positively and negatively.

Her experience as a goalkeeper helped us connect. She understands the responsibilities and mindset that come with the position.

As a student and athlete, I found our work together useful for balancing sport, school and life pressures.

Youth soccer player, age 16

Meagan was eager and very professional in her approach/delivery and follow-up. She established a collegiate atmosphere and was empathetic to coaches needs and challenges.

Given it was a diverse group, she handled an array of questions very well and encouraged dialogue throughout the session. I would not hesitate is having her involved with our coaches again.

Meagan was a pleasure to work with and her expertise was greatly appreciated.

Athletic director, post-secondary.

Meagan knew her material well and was familiar with our situation. She was focused on solutions and ideas for improvement on a team level. 

The players really enjoyed the teamwork activities, her videos and written exercises.

It was a very positive experience for our players, parents and coaching staff.

Parent, minor football

During one of our Monday practices, we welcomed Meagan Ferguson, a mental

performance consultant, to introduce our girls to the topic of mental preparation and goal


Meagan engaged the girls on topics ranging on how they viewed themselves and how they 
could set up goals that were “SMART”. Meagan did a wonderful job of keeping the girls engaged and focused. The exercises in focus was interesting as it highlighted all the distractions that our girls can encounter.

The session was not specific to basketball or sport, and illustrated how the skills can be used in all aspects of our growing kids’ lives. Basketball Canada advocates mental preparation as part of developing basketball skills, so we hope to re-enforce some of the ideas that Meagan tabled during the session.

Newsletter excerpt, competitive youth basketball

Meagan worked with our team for a number of weeks and organized group workshops to introduce mental skills. Learning about the skill and following up with an activity really helped me apply the strategies to my own training.

Working with her helped me take my game to the next level. I would recommend Meagan, as she is extremely supportive, professional and positive.

Hockey player, major junior

E-mail: meagan@mindmattersMPT.com
Tel: 1 (613) 898 8979
Facebook: @mindmattersMPT

Meagan Ferguson
MHK, University of Ottawa
Mental Performance Consultant