One on One Training

Personalized programming

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Leadership Development

  • Visualization & Mental Rehearsal

  • Exam Preparation

  • Stress Management

Personalized programs cater to the unique ambitions and learning styles of the athelte, coach, student or professional.

Individual training provides strategies and skills for performance consistency and personal development.

Teams & Groups

Popular workshops:

  • "Intro to the FUNdaMENTALS:"
    Mental Training 101

  • "Blueprints & Firedrills:"
    The Benefits of Mental Imagery and Visulization.

  • "Team-Time:"
    Building Cohesive Groups On the Field and In the Workplace.

Explore how teamwork and hands-on cognitive training can help build cohesive groups to learn, grow and succeed as a unit.

Merging the physical use of mental skills with solution-focussed discussions best equip a team to execute the same skills when "crunch-time" comes.

Full Integration

Tailor-made programs including full availability of mental performance services:

    • Multiple Team Workshops,

    • Multiple Individual Sessions per Athlete,

    • Leadership Development Sessions (Coaches & Captains),

    • Positional Group Meetings,

    • Video Recording and Film Analysis,

    • On-Site Facilitations,

    • Personalized Workbooks,

    • E-learning Materials,

    • Observations, Assessments & Much More!

* Research has supported the integration of mental perforance consultant(s) to teams and organizations positively contributes to the success and personal well-being of its' participants.

Elite Mental Training Packages for Teams


Staffing a Mental Performance Consultant includes the full supply of services and technologies with the aim to teach and track the learning and application of various mental skills to your team's performance:

  • Uniquely crafted series of team workshops

  • Team building exercises

  • Individual one-on-one sessions per athlete

  • Breakout leadership development sessions (coaches, captains)

  • Positional group sessions

  • On-site video recordings and film analysis

  • Personalized workbooks & e-learning modules

  • Much more

  • Contact today for further details on services, packages and pricing options.